His Roman manifestation, Mars, is pretty different from Ares. Athena is the goddess of wisdom in warfare/battle strategies and Ares is the god of warfare and battle. One major similarity is that they are both deities who’s realm of power deals with warfare. Ares and Athena were both similar because they both fought many battles and were both smart and they were different because many gods despised ares and Athena was liked, also Athena was wise in battle and ares was brutal and cruel. Ares faced off with Diomedes, the king from Anatolia. This is understandable because of their two major similarities. In Greek literature, he often represents the physical or violent aspects of war. Athena borrowed the helm of invisibility from Hades and caused Ares’ spear to go off … To him, fighting was meditative; one had to clear their mind and allow the adrenaline to take over. Both Athena and Ares related to war. Ares loved the bloodshed and destruction that war brought. Athena vs Ares.

Home; ... Ares is the god of war. It took a long while, but then one day, she allowed the fight, the warrior nature, to consume her, and she nearly tackled Ares to the ground. Ares is the God of War and on the other hand Athena is the goddess of intelligence. Athena was reason, Ares was passion. Athena and Ares often get confused with each other. Ares was known for his thirst for battle. Although Athena was a skilled fighter, she preferred peace; she stood for justice and the ideals for which battles were fought. Athena and Ares share many common characteristics and many differences. Athena was usually regarded as the goddess of military leadership, protection and strategy, whereas Ares was the deity that regular warriors prayed to for inspiration and bravery by soldiers. Athena and Ares are both the children of Zeus, the king of the gods.

The difference in this, though, is that Ares is a god of brutal and simple warfare. During the Trojan war, Ares took the side of the Trojans, while Athena took the side of the Greeks. Ares doesn't show up in Greek myths as much as the other gods, but when he does, he is often humiliated. References to Athena identified her as a protectress and a warrior of defense, as her most famous weapon was her shield. So we can say that when it comes to untamed war, Ares is the one who is stronger and when it comes to military strategy, Athena is stronger. Athena, on the other hand, reverted to war only for the purposes of justice, and she preferred peaceful settlements when possible. He taught her to do that.