4. hold 30-45 seconds Bosu or Medicine Ball Glute Bridge . Bosu Ball Oblique Crunches. Single leg glute bridge on bosu ball 11. How To Do Bosu Ball Elevated Glute Bridges: Get a bosu ball and position your feet on the round squishy side. 15. Bosu Ball Ab Roll-Backs. 10.

10-12 reps (each side) BOSU Ball Plank Jack. Bosu Ball Ab Twist. 11. 4. Glute Bridges on the Bosu Ball I really liked the challenge that the lack of balance from the Bosu ball added to this glute bridge.

11 Body-Rocking BOSU Ball Exercises ... Single-Leg Glute Bridge The one-legged BOSU bridge is a great way to work your glutes and hips. © Slowly lower the hips back down to the ground, keeping the ball still. People tend to overarch their low back during bridge exercises.

Visit our directory for more exercises. 12. Resistance band glute bridges on the bosu ball + Resistance band plank abductions on sliders.

Lying kickbacks 6. The ultimate Bosu Ball Workout Guide. A BOSU ball is an exercise tool that tests your core strength and balance by adding an element of instability. 30-45 seconds. BOSU Ball Single-Leg Glute Bridge. This can decompress the lumbar spine and cause pain. Standing abductor lift 4. Here’s a cool variation that will test your stability. Then, lower your hips back down an inch or two from the floor. Glute Bridges on the Bosu Ball I really liked the challenge that the lack of balance from the Bosu ball added to this glute bridge. 5 Glute Bridge. Band hip thrusts 3. 30-45 seconds. Place your feet on either a Bosu or medicine ball, keep your core engaged, and lift your hips while pressing through your heels and get a really good glute squeeze. This workout targets the core & glutes, add it to your next full body workout: 3 sets x 15 reps of each 13. 4. Return to the floor slowly, and squeeze again before your next rep. ‎Bosu Ball Workouts are becoming more and more popular among Fitness Enthusiasts. Single leg glute bridge / hip extension with leg lift, dumbbell deadlifts and trx suspension straps glute bridge are related exercise that target the same muscle groups as bosu ball single leg bridge / hip thrusts / extensions / raises. 4. 14. Single leg band bridge 8.

The Bosu single leg glute bridge is an intermediate lower body exercise. Rest on the shoulders and the upper back while keeping the body in a straight line from the knees to the head. Bosu Single-Leg Ab Extension.

Rivervale Physiotherapy’s Gluteal Exercise Program 1. Lateral jumps 10. ... BOSU single Leg Glute Bridge: ... BOSU Side Glute Kick-Outs: Place your knees in the center of the dome-side of the Bosu Ball, get down into an all-four position with your hands before your knees on the BOSU.

Banded deadlift 9. Slowly lift your right knee. This exercise targets the buttocks and hamstrings and is suitable for intermediate to advanced fitness levels. Monster band walk 5. Glute Bridges with mini bands 2. BOSU workouts can also help improve your strength and balance, which is important for preventing injuries, says Rustin Steward, a trainer at Reebok Sports Club/NY, in New York City, who designed this total-body routine. Bosu Ball Bicycle Crunches. This is a simple and easy to use piece of equipment but make no mistake the uses and benefits are enormous. Check out this total-body BOSU ball workout. 4. Quadruped band hip extension 7. BOSU Ball V-Up Hold. 10-12 reps (each side) BOSU Ball Mountain Climber.

Bosu ball Glute Bridge