I have pulled a muscle in my left buttock. Exacerbation of pain in the buttock while stretching the affected muscles such as while bringing the knee toward the opposite shoulder and during forceful contraction of the gluteal or piriformis muscle such as while running and changing directions.
These muscles support the body when you stand or when you walk. You may also find it difficult to move the affected body part.

The gluteal strain can be graded as minimal, moderate or severe.

Sometimes pain may also spread into the foot, ankle, calf and at the back side of the thigh. Symptoms consist of pain in the muscle, especially during exercise when the muscles expand due to blood flow.

Pain in buttock as the name suggests is pain and soreness felt in the buttock area. Ache or pain is often experienced in the buttock. The Gluteus Medius Muscle along with its counterpart the Gluteus Maximus Muscle forms what is known as the buttocks.

A strain or tear of the gluteus maximus can occur during athletic activities, most likely while playing dynamic sports that require running, jumping and quick accelerations.
Symptoms of a sprain or strain can include pain, swelling, bruising and tenderness around a joint or in a muscle. These grades correspond roughly to the approximate severity of symptoms and time frame for healing. home > health > muscles joints > questions and answers > pulled muscle in left buttock Read all questions and answers. The Gluteus Maximus muscle covers lower one third part of the Gluteus Medius Muscle. There are three gluteus muscles situated at the back of pelvis. The gluteal muscles are a strong group of muscles situated at the back of the pelvis forming the buttock (figure 1). Gluteus Minimus Pain: The Difference Between Trigger Points and Muscle Strain . A gluteal strain is a condition that is rarely seen in clinical practice and is characterized by tearing of one or more gluteal (buttock) muscles. muscle strain ("pulling a muscle") happens when muscle tissues or fibres are stretched or torn. Most can be treated at home without seeing a GP. Just a few days in most cases, depending upon the extent of the tear. Pain is felt in the hip and can be referred to the low back as well as down the entire length of the leg. Gluteus Minimus Muscle: Buttocks, Hip, Thigh, Knee, Calf, Ankle Pain. Trigger point (TrP) pain of the gluteus minimus (glute min) causes a persistent unrelenting ache. How long will it take to heal and what can I do to speed things up please? Chronic compartment syndrome occurs when a muscle swells up too big for the sheath that surrounds it. The function of the Gluteus Medius Muscle is to promote rotation of the thigh outwards thus making it easier for a person to walk steadily without falling unnecessarily.