Why is Mars cold at times and hot at other times?

Climate explained: why Mars is cold despite an atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide 6 November 2019, by Paulo De Souza Credit: CC0 Public Domain If tiny concentrations of … So why is Venus hot and Mars cold…

Mars is twice as far away from the Sun, so its top of atmosphere receives only 25% of the solar radiation as Venus.

I remember the pictures that the Viking I space probe sent back to Earth from Mars in 1976. Its atmosphere is 95 per cent carbon dioxide.

why Mars is cold despite an atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide Written by Paulo de Souza, Professor, Griffith University CC BY-ND Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre … If tiny concentrations of carbon dioxide can hold enough heat to create a global warming impact on Earth, why is Mars cold?

I am fascinated by the new things we learn about the different planets. But clouds on Venus reflect 75% of the sunlight – so the SW radiation flux at the surface is similar on the two planets. Since Mariner 4 flew by Mars more than five decades ago, scientists have understood the red planet to be a cold, dry world. Now they know why. — Travis of Pagosa Springs, CO. Dear Travis, I like to study the solar system, too.

Why is Mars cold