(I’m as guilty of this as any critic; it is easily my favorite show that I’ve never written about.) r/adventuretime: Subreddit dedicated to Cartoon Networks hit show, Adventure Time! Gravity Falls, Regular Show, and now Adventure Time. In fact, it was never really about Finn and Jake; at least not in the sense that the show needed them around to continue. ).~100+ means that is more likely that happened more than 100 years after, in the same … All were a big part in bringing cartoons back to greatness, ending the string of dull, uninteresting cartoon programming that plagued TV for nearly a decade. Adventure Time has always emphasized a Buddhist-style philosophy of … A huge fight scene with Glob would have been cool but the song felt so appropriate.
Showrunner Adam Muto kept the DNA intact, but “Adventure Time” faded into oblivion by the time it was officially canceled in early 2017.

Adventure Time built up the looming Great Gum War to be the central conflict of its series finale, but the family feud between Princess Bubblegum and her uncle Gumbald turned out to be little more than a the precursor to a larger, existential threat to the Land of Ooo. True to form, the finale gave us an ending that was really a beginning. Adventure Time pulls off a perfect ending by reminding us that the best stories never really end in its series finale, "Come Along With Me." Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Its arrival in the four-part "Come Along With Me" confirms plenty of fan theories, while providing few real answers.

I get that beating GOLB with music is cheesy as shit- but isn’t that kind of pure adventure time? Adventure Time was never a serial story with an endpoint.
Hell, to say this is the end of an era is an understatement. Earlier in the episode they made a point to say that Flame Princess was "more powerful than you could ever imagine". This is a timeline of canon events in the Adventure Time series. Pendleton Ward, the series' creator, describes Finn as a … Adventure Time follows the adventures of a boy named Finn the Human (voiced by Jeremy Shada), and his best friend and adoptive brother Jake the Dog (John DiMaggio), who has magical powers to change shape and size at will. Since then, episodes have been released in short bursts… And then set her up in a position of power with a single rule, and Finn to nervously make a promise to her not to violate that rule. 'Adventure Time' EP Adam Muto breaks down some of the biggest moments from the series finale, including that long-awaited kiss. I have to think that ending Adventure Time will have a significant impact on Cartoon Networks revenue and upon the realization of that, I’m positive we will see a reboot. Press J to jump to the feed. “Adventure Time” doesn’t come up often in discussions about the 21st-century TV canon. The early seasons were just about offbeat wacky humour and something ridiculous like defeating a omnipresent chaos god with a song just feels so AT to me. To take track of the events in a good way, we need a year 0, in this case, that is the Mushroom War, most specifically, the explosion of the Mushroom Bomb, so the series events happened around 1000 years After Mushroom War (A.M.W.