AERODYNE(welcome)_BSKIES_BCOVER.indd 1 6/28/13 12:34 PM This document will review the key improvements incorporated into the neX- ... On the smaller Icons, sizes I1-I3, we have changed to a three grommet deployment bag. Icon Sizing Chart Aerodyne Research • 12649 Race Track Rd Tampa FL 33626 • Tel 1 813 891 6300 • Fax 1 813 891 6315 ICON RANGE - DEVELOPMENT CHART Res. Size Guides.

Icon Canopy Sizing Chart .

... Icon Size . A rig’s official name is a Harness and Container System.. - Elastic bungee between the leg pads, to keep the leg pads in place during free fly manoeuvres. Those size guides can be found on the individual product pages. The CURV skydiving container incorporates the Bio CURV backpad where the profile of the backpad, instead of being straight, is curved inward at the midpoint and follows the natural curve of the back. My main is a Pilot 132, so with having an Aerodyne main and container I'm thinking for sentimentality I would like to have an Aerodyne reserve too. Measure under your arms at the fuller part of your bust. Harnesses can be adjusted but containers cannot, so you should always start by determining the container size that you need. I'm planning on getting an I3. I2. Simply put, the harness holds the human and the container holds the canopies. Min/Max ( 252/262 262/275 275/293 293/346 346/384 384/476 476/488 476/488 476/488 476/488 476/488 476/488

State of the art skydiving equipment manufacturer. S9. Aerodyne Research. Icon Pro Standard Configuration and Options. ft. 90 - 96 . In this video we've put together some info, tips, and tricks on how … 5/12/2020 Canopy Sizing Chart 1/ 29 C a n o py S iz in g C h a r t Standard Fitting: Pack volume represented by these sample groups should be considered optimum recommended pack volumes, to ensure proper fit, function, and ease of packing. - Articulated harness with hip rings and all stainless steel hardware. We know that buying your first rig can be a confusing and stressful process. 104-117. This pulls the lines inboard and makes for a cleaner pack into the main tray. Aerodyne Pricelist . How to Measure Bust. If you continue browsing, you agree to the use of cookies. Canopies, and harness-container systems for Skydiving. Basically, attached I've copied the Icon sizing chart with annotations. Smart Reserve . I1. We use cookies to help enhance your shopping experience on our site. Keep tape level across your shoulder blades.

THE NEXGEN ICON JULY 2013. For reserve I was set on an R-Max 138 as I've been told it will fit fine in the I3. View our sizing guidelines below to find your perfect fit. Please note that some items, like swimwear, have distinct sizing standards. Just wondering if, when it comes to downsizing, do most containers take the size below safely or not? I5.

Flight Recommendations S8. I3. Check Out the Icon Size Chart - Free Shipping, No Hassle Returns and the Lowest Prices - Guaranteed Skip to Main Content RevZilla Speak to an expert: 877-792-9455 Aerodyne Icon I6 - Sizing Hi, I have an Aerodyne Icon I6, the website says 210 is the largest canopy that can go in, but that the recommended size is a 190. Sq. This allows the containers to hug the back intimately and eliminate the gap between the back and the rig.