You can use the navigation tabs and buttons to access the information you need. The report provides a comprehensive overview of the financial, environmental and social performance of adidas in the 2019 financial year. Annual Report 2019. Annual Report 2019. Financial Highlights (1) Notes: (1) Based on Singapore Financial Reporting Standards (International). 2019 Annual Report. ASMI ANNUAL REPORT 2019 5 ASMI STRONGLY OUTPERFORMED IN 2019 With sales growth of 33% in constant currencies and excluding the settlements, ASMI strongly outperformed the WFE market We benefitedin 2019. from our leading position in logic/foundry. We continue to drive our success by executing on the four pillars of our strategy: customer focus, industry-leading innovation, value-added service and expertise, and differentiated distribution. Hans Vestberg Chairman and Chief Executive Oicer Verizon Communications Inc. Transforming our operating model report.pdf Show less.

From left to right: John E. Waldron. Home; Shareholder Letter; Financial Highlights; Financial Review. 2019 Annual Report [PDF, 6 MB] Letter to Shareholders. Download the report.

With the Annual Report 2019, adidas communicates financial and non-financial information in a combined publication. Cover photo: The new Altima Click the tabs to jump to the top page of each section.

David M. Solomon. David M. Solomon. This Annual Report is an interactive PDF. This annual report presents the results of Nissan Motor Corporation’s business activities for fiscal 2019. 2019 Annual Report. Financial Data CONTENTS 1 TO OUR SHAREHOLDERS Page 4 BMW Group in Figures Page 8 Report of the Supervisory Board Page 18 Statement of the Chairman of the Board of Management Page 22 BMW AG Stock and Capital Markets in 2019 Page 24 Financial Calendar Page 24 Contacts 2 (3) Return on invested capital is defined as EBIT (post-tax) divided by average capital. Goldman Sachs 2019 Annual Report 1 Fellow Shareholders: As this letter goes to print in mid-March 2020, the world is experiencing a global health crisis that is putting extraordinary pressure on all of society — from every family in the world to every large and small company, which represents the … 2019 Annual Report (1) ... Growth was broad-based in fiscal year 2019 across product categories, geographies and the key components of top-line growth — volume, price and mix. Comments on the report should be sent to: Secretariat of the European Fiscal Board European Commission Rue de la Loi 200 Office BERL 06/265 B-1049 Brussels Email: Cut-off date: 28 September 2019 Annual report on global preparedness for health emergencies Global Preparedness Monitoring Board September 2019 A WORLD AT RISK Verizon Communications Inc. and Subsidiaries 2019 Annual Report . The evolution of wireless networks. ... 2019 Financial Performance . Financial Review Everything we have done in 2019 was directed toward these goals, and we are looking forward to making extraordinary progress in the new year and the new decade ahead. President and Chief Operating Officer . UK Food Waste Data 2019/20 Central European Food Waste Data 2019/20 Ireland Food Waste Data 2019/20 President and Chief Operating Officer . 5

Singtel Annual Report 2019 online. in 2019 was 49.7 percent, and our average annual return over the last five years was 21 percent.

2019 Annual Report [PDF, 6 MB] Letter to Shareholders. ... Egypt, Ghana, India, Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania and Turkey. ... 2019 Financial Performance . Our non-memory sales, of which logic and foundry are the largest parts, accounted again for more (2) Includes the gain on disposal of economic interest in NetLink Trust. I Chairman’s letter Novartis delivered strong performance in 2019. This report has been written under the responsibility of the European Fiscal Board with the support of its secretariat. The pages of this annual report provide examples of From left to right: John E. Waldron. Annual Report 2019. ANNUAL REPORT 2019. Annual Report 2019. Annual Report 2019 6 Deutsche Bundesbank Wilhelm-Epstein-Strasse 14 60431 Frankfurt am Main Germany Postfach 10 06 02 60006 Frankfurt am Main Germany Tel.