After careful research and testing, Epic has discontinued support for Kindle devices.We hope you can continue to enjoy Epic on an alternate device.Click here for more information. is the #1 children’s digital library for kids 12 and under, offering access to over 40,000 high-quality books for kids, learning videos, reading quizzes and more.

13 Amazing Free Reading Apps to Take Your Books Everywhere Emily Wenstrom Nov 8, 2018 When one is a voracious reader, one is frequently in the difficult position of figuring out how to take their books with them. The app asks for parents or teachers to create an account, and allows for them to create four profiles for children readers. You do need to register an email Epic!

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Epic! With the Epic Unlimited Books for Kids app, teachers in the U.S. and Canada get free access to over 15,000 kid-friendly books ranging from National Geographic Kids to the Goosebumps series. Epic Help Center | Unlimited Access to 40,000 of the Best Children's Books & Learning Videos Epic at Home Technical Support The Epic app or website isn’t working.

It's an unlimited reading library your child can take anywhere!

Get reading! The 6 Best Book Apps for Reading, Discovering, and Borrowing New Books It’s practically a book nerd’s duty to discover new ways to read books at any time.

We have a huge collection of classic literature including the most well-known romantic novels, fairy tales, epic books and fantasy books from classic novelists.

There are also young adult … Here are our favorite e-reader apps for the iPad. Epic provides a plethora of children’s books for all ages.

Here you can read unlimited ebooks in our ebook reader. - Books for Kids is a newly released app that's something of a "Netflix for children's books," with its library of titles especially for kids. How else would we know the best ways to read on a rainy day, a crowded train, or while de-stressing during a chaotic week? Best e-reader apps for iPad in 2020 Your iPad is an excellent device for reading books, magazines, and other content, you just need the right app! Free Books app is a place to discover the best FREE good reads with fresh, modern app interface and design.