One of my favorite parts of adult coloring is choosing a color palette. Mar 19, 2020 - Explore sbrifman's board "Color combinations" on Pinterest. As a trained graphic designer and illustrator, I enjoy putting on my ‘designer hat’ when choosing colors and I love finding new inspiration for unique color combinations. In the Color I course you’ll explore these combinations with over sixty examples applied to mandalas in the gorgeous color guide. The Color Wheel consists of 12 colors: Primary Colors (3): Red, Yellow & Blue These colors can’t be made by any combination of other colors.

You’ll also get access to sixteen videos. It’s a great resource to add to your learning library. The color wheel is a great road map to exploring different combinations. All other colors are based on Primary Colors.

Basic Color Wheel. The above image is from the book, “Animal Kingdom” by Millie Marotta. See more ideas about Color pencil art, Colored pencil techniques, Colouring techniques.

Enter the Color Wheel, a tool that helps you pick color combinations (“schemes”) that will look good together (“harmonize”).

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