Parad is also known as Solidified Mercury or Alchemical Parad. It reenergizes the topmost chakra of your body for self realization and connection to Lord Shiva the ruler of all planets.

4. 3. Parad (Siddh Parad Benefits) solidified in form of beads can be used in the treatment of diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. It increases Sex Power. Other reasons to use this sexual device include: helping you achieve an erection … Having milk in a Parad vessel acts a cleansing agent that purifies the body. Wearing a cock ring may increase sensation, which can make masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse more pleasurable. 0item(s) Parad Mani Ring also makes the physical body powerful, agile and lustrous. We are Open for Fast Delivery in Every Location with Safe & Sanitized Shipping World-Wide. It controls blood pressure. Benefits of Parad Ring: As indicated by Parad Samhita, one who wears has no need to wear any gemstones as this ring is an alternative to all the gemstones and controls all the planets. 5.

It can be worn on any finger. It is one of the most effective Siddha tools for further evolution of a siddha yogi after spiritual kundalini awakening. This special effect helps siddha yogis heal, transform one’s body and maintain it youthful and disease-free. It makes the physical body powerful, agile and lustrous. It helps in heart diseases. Parad Rings 1. The bead or rosary of Parad (Siddh Parad Benefits) beads should be worn around the neck or waist. Parad has several medicinal properties. Medicinal Alchemical Parad produces a certain impact on the cellular level of the brain and the entire body. Parad Mani or Parad Mani Ring benefits a wearer by controling diabetes, blood pressure and heart diseases. 2. It is also very powerful cure of diabetes. The benefits of using a cock ring go beyond helping you achieve a longer erection. Rudraksha Ratna has Parad bracelets and Shivlings for Shivling Abhishekam and cures diseases. Cock rings slow blood flow …

benefits of wearing parad ring