Captain Holt: A PhD is a doctorate.

It's literally describing a doctor. However, there have been times when he treats his employees and friends badly.

But those brief moments where he engages in more "stereotypical" behavior make for shocking and hilarious moments on the show, and add new layers to the stiff and reserved Captain.

The problem here is that medical practitioners have co-opted the word "doctor".

RELATED: 10 Best Terry Quotes From Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Holt's character is usually never portrayed in the way most gay men are on television. Jake: Maybe let's refocus. Captain Holt: No! Captain Holt is one of the funniest characters despite being completely emotionless and stoic, and he's a lovable mentor who understands and respects his subordinates.

Jake: Okay, Captain-Captain Holt: I know we live in a world where anything can mean anything, and nobody even cares about etymolo- Here are 5 times Captain Holt was a terrible person and 5 times he was the best. 1 So Thank You

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