CBC Radio programme ‘The Dangers of Denialism’, 27 May 2019. 1 year ago; Radio; 53:59 "Denial is about hiding from the truth. Dear Leader: Lessons on leadership in the time of pandemic Leading in the time of COVID-19 is to lead when a virus is calling the shots. IDEAS is a deep-dive into contemporary thought and intellectual history. Denialism and denialism's ability to cast doubt can ensnare any of us." (Notting Hill Editions, Submitted by Keith Kahn-Harris) What’s behind denialism? 786 talking about this. In 1892, Hamburg had its own devastating cholera outbreak. Interviews. BBC Ideas video, 5 November 2018 ‘Denialism: what drives people to reject the truth’ Guardian Long Read 3 August 2018 Also available as a podcast. Denialism is an essentially irrational action that withholds the validation of a historical experience or event, when a person refuses to accept an empirically verifiable reality. Posted: Aug 17, 2018 4:51 PM ET | Last Updated: August 17, 2018 Denial: The Unspeakable Truth is Keith Kahn-Harris' latest book. The Dangers of Denialism. In the sciences, denialism is the rejection of basic facts and concepts that are undisputed, well-supported parts of the scientific consensus on a subject, in favor of radical and controversial ideas.

Denialism builds a 'new and better' truth." Climate change denial, or global warming denial is denial, dismissal, or unwarranted doubt that contradicts the scientific consensus on climate change, including the extent to which it is caused by humans, its effects on nature and human society, or the potential of adaptation to global warming by human actions. RSA Polarised podcast, March 21, 2019. Keith Kahn-Harris is a sociologist who studies and researches, among other things, denialism. Featured in several episodes of BBC Radio 4 series The Age of Denial, March 2019. [3]

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