Dasheri mangoes are long and oval shaped, with a light green or yellow-green skin when mature, becoming golden yellow when ripe. Dasheri is delicious variety of mango basically grown in North parts of India, Its one of the very famous variety of mango in north India. While they usually deliver countrywide, Mango Bazaar’s services are now restricted to Pune because of the lockdown. So order dasheri mangoes online at latemangoes and savour the taste which fits the royal and the common man! Description: Mango - Dasheri .

The flesh of this mango contains minimal amount of fiber and is exceptionally soft. With such a rich heritage, Gir Kesar couldn''t have been called anything but the queen of mangoes. Qty: Add To Cart. Click here to buy Dasheri mangoes from the online retailer BigBasket in all major Indian cities Dasheri is a variety of delicious mango grown in different parts of North India.This mango is k nown for its natural flavor and rich taste.

From Devgad and Ratnagiri alphonso to kesar, dasheri and langra, they grow their own mangoes and also source a wide variety of others from farmers in Ratnagiri, Pawas and Devgad. Dasheri is the fourth most popular breed of mango as it has a unique fragrance and extremely delicious taste. The flavor is very sweet and aromatic. The supplier company is located in Hyderabad, Telangana and is one of the leading sellers of listed products. It became the first agricultural product from Gujarat and the second mango variety in India — the first being Uttar Pradesh''s Dasheri - to bag the coveted tag. 5. Free Delivery.

100% Guarantee. Dasheri Mango Live Plant Grafted दशहरी आम का पौधा by Raj Garden Plants. Dasheri mangoes have a fiberless, peach-colored flesh with a medium-sized stone. Registered in 2014, Ar4 Organic Mango Farms has made a name for itself in the list of top suppliers of Fresh Fruits in India. Kesar – Saurashtra, Gujarat M.R.P. Quick Overview Availability: In Stock. 1.0 out of 5 stars 1 rating. In the 18th century, the Dasheri mango first appeared in the gardens of Nawab of Lucknow. It was originated almost 200 years back. Mango delivery in Pune . Use: Benefits: Why shop from Grocistore? Related Products Banana ₹55.00 ₹65.00. Mango - Dasheri . Mango Bazaar.
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Mango - Dasheri Available in 1 KG ₹ 75.00 ₹ 150.00. Malihabad in Uttar Pradesh is the largest producer of Dasheri mango and along with other varieties of mangoes such as Chausa, Fazli, Lucknowa, Jauhari and Safeda.

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