/ (Sing, sing, sing with me!) Stumble home and fall asleep as in credit A recreation of Diggy Diggy hole music video scenes.

#LetsPlayMinecraft #xBPlaysMinecraft #Minecraft I I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole I am a dwarf and I'm digging a hole Diggy diggy hole, digging a hole The sunlight will not reach this low Deep, deep in the mine Never seen the blue moon glow Dwarves won't fly so high Fill a glass and down some mead! No research done, just learning as we go, with your help! Stuff your bellies at the feast! Diggy Diggy Hole Lyrics: Brothers of the mine rejoice! / Raise your pick and raise your voice! ‘Wind Rose – Diggy Diggy’ Hole is a cover of a popular song created by the video game network Yogscast. Diggy Hole! Credits Rocky Mountains Yogocast World edit View map now! Minecraft - ♪ Dwarf Hole (Diggy Diggy Hole) Fan Song and Animation by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon. This map is made using world edit mod. It was made through digital editing, and it includes a line sung by Lewis Brindley. Minecraft/Yogscast songs Lena McGill; 31 videos; 489,098 views; Last updated on Jul 11, 2014; Play all Share. There is still much more to build. Diggy Diggy Hole (also known as Dwarf Hole) is an original song originally sung by Yogscast member Simon Lane with one verse.

/ (Swing, swing, swing with me!) I did not own the original mountain. :: xBCrafted Plays Minecraft 1.14 :: E57 • xbxaxcx • Join me as I jump head first into Vanilla Minecraft 1.14, almost completely blind! It was made into a full song by a Yogscast fan who animated it and let Bluexephos post it on Youtube. Loading ... ♪ Hey Yogscast - Fan-made Song and Animation by YOGSCAST Lewis & Simon. 3:50.