I saw Aetos van parked at double yellow line at Flanders Square. Double yellow zigzag lines. Often you will come across single (or double yellow lines) which have no "T-Bar", or termination bar where the yellow line ends. It's so much more than a shopping centre! But take note that you cannot park at the side if the centre line is a white unbroken line, and along bends, narrow roads, and near intersections. It's not worth the $70 fine. Though I SHOULD know it, but I guess many drivers is same as me 1. Double Yellow Zigzag Lines Though Singapore’s roads are pretty narrow, we’re sure you’ll be able to find somewhere else to stop your car. Hop off here and visit the observation deck for some of the best views of Singapore’s skyline. Single yellow zigzag sign. 15 % Off City Sightseeing Singapore: Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour Top Seller See the best of Singapore across 2 routes over 24 or 48 hours with this flexible Hop-On, Hop-Off ticket, especially if you are interested in top landmarks and cultural precincts.

The difference between single and double yellow lines in their basic form are that double yellow lines indicate no waiting at any time (other than a very few exceptions) and single yellow lines … The basic fundamentals of double and single yellow line rules are the same. No 2 minute toilet breaks, buying the newspaper, and sadly, no chocolate chip mint from the ice-cream man. Unbroken Double Yellow Line (Photo Credit: Sault Online) Unbroken Double White Line (Photo Credit: One Motoring) Unbroken Single White Line (Photo Credit: One Motoring) No parking at all times on these roads. However, there are some exceptions.

A double yellow line means that passing is forbidden in both directions. It’s is only free after 7pm. As a rule of thumb, if you spot a double yellow, it means you can’t park there at any time. The Business principal activity is in EVENT/CONCERT ORGANISERS. I was quite sure that waiting on double yellow lines was allowed because I recalled seeing this PDF on the Land Transport Authority's One Motoring portal: Screenshot from OneMotoring.sg Test your knowledge of the infamous parking restrictions. White zigzag line indicating a zebra crossing ahead. DOUBLEYELLOWLINE was incorporated on 29 March 2007 (Thursday) as a Sole Proprietor in Singapore. Your incredible hop-on hop-off Singapore adventure commences at Suntec City. No parking, waiting or stopping at all on the road. Both routes start here so pick between the Yellow and the Red, and hop on board for an exciting ride. Broken white line on two-way road. Penalty for parking at double yellow line Home Forum Blog Sell Cars Motor Insurance Marketplace MyCarForum is Singapore's top car forum. For example, you may be able to stop to load or unload heavy goods. Vehicles should keep to the left of this line. If any member of public park their vehicle at double yellow line, i m sure there will be summon issued to them. Avoid these yellow zigzag lines at all costs, or risk a hefty fine from our neighbourhood matas . from US$ 36.00 Original Price: US$ 36.00 SALE Discount: US$ 5.40 US$ 30.60 per person Details These T-Bars are often missing when the yellow line abuts a parking bay or zebra crossing. Singapore Summons was not issued for President's convoy that waited along double yellow lines: LTA While an LTA officer was talking to one of the drivers, the President arrived and the cars moved off.

Since cant find any code online, not even SPF website, perhaps anyone here know this ruling. 3) Double continuous yellow lines along the side of the road or single zig-zag yellow line along the side of the road - … When can you park on double yellow lines? Double yellow lines have been painted along an alleyway too narrow for a car to drive down. 2) Single continuous yellow line along the side of the road - No parking between 7:00am to 7:00pm on this side of the road except on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Philippines [ edit ] In the Philippines , double yellow lines (usually on either side of white segmented lines) indicate it is strictly forbidden for vehicles on either side of the lanes to overtake or counter-flow. Marina Bay Sands is an amazing complex of buildings well-known for its boat-style roof that stretches across the top of 3 buildings. It is one of the cleanest, most eye catching malls you will ever see, and even boasts the world's biggest water fountain. Is it Aetos above the law as parking as their wish on double yellow line? 3 must-see hop-off attractions. 3 unmissable hop-off points in Singapore are Marina Bay Sands, Chinatown and the Botanic Gardens. No parking on this side of the road at all times, except for immediate pick-up and drop-off. The Business current operating status is cancelled with registered address at PRINSEP PLACE.

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