Call us soon for a chat on Australia toll free 1300 367875. Spring and Autumn are the best time to visit Bhutan. Usually, the monsoon arrives in the end of June or in July and it brings light evening showers, which only sometimes turn to neverending rainfalls for a few days. Management Of course, hiking socks are super important for warmth and making sure that you feel comfortable in your hiking boots. Having said so, summer and winter have their own draws and attractions. Nature lovers who are keen on local flora should consider visiting Bhutan end of … June, July and August are considered the rainy months in Bhutan. Or consider one of our private tour itineraries instead! Our new Bhutan Summer Tour – ‘Summer Splendour’ small group tour; is perfectly scheduled for the July school holiday period (we have many educators visiting Bhutan, and for good reason!) Temperatures range between 15 to 25 degree celsius in Thimphu. Spring . June is considered a summer month in Bhutan. Spring is the favourite time to visit Bhutan. What to Wear in Bhutan Hiking Socks. Summer in Bhutan by Jayeeta Mazumder | June 2, 2014, 10:35 AM IST There is something about the eerie calm in Bhutan—when you’re surrounded by the lush mountains, listening to the nippy breeze, chirping exotic birds and even the sound of your footsteps on the cobbled pathways. Hope this helps. Here’s a pictorial tour of the mesmerising summer destination, one where time truly stands still. In Bhutan, a small Asian country crossed by the Himalayas, the climate is influenced by altitude: it is subtropical in the lowlands, and becomes progressively colder as you climb the mountains slopes. Thank you and we hope to welcome you soon. Because I travelled to Bhutan in December, it was important for me to have hiking socks that were thick and warm, however, if you are travelling during the peak summer months, you are going to need a more lightweight and breathable option. and we can only take 8 persons maximum. We get slight showers in June and July while regular light rainfall is expected in August. Summer is considered a low season in Bhutan but is a common mistake to expect the same weather conditions from the monsoon in Bhutan as in neighbouring Southeastern countries. If you need help to choose the right camp please just fill out your details and we will answer you shortly. Top 10 Summer Camps in Bhutan in 2020 If your are searching the best experience for the next summer holidays of your kids, considering one of these top summer camps in Bhutan is a great idea. It's was during the hot summer where we stopped to Catch a breeze by the river side of kuri chhu.

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