Maybe fifa 20 bug edition didn't fall into that criterea especially as player career has never changed so how can you wreck a game mode that is so basic in the first place?
Maybe by the release of fifa 21 EA sports might catch on that fifa's dead now thanks to vomit street soccer and fut. Whether you’re a novice or a Career Mode veteran, we all make mistakes, and we’ve picked out the key ones everyone falls victim to on FIFA 20. FIFA 20 | Known Issues and Bugs Hello all, I’ve noticed a massive abundance of glitch, bug, please fix posts, so instead if you could kindly comment any career mode related bugs you find into this thread, and I’ll compile a full list here once I am home from work.

FIFA 20 has some fresh elements, but the Career Mode is more than a little buggy -- to the point where #FixCareerMode has been popular on Twitter. Despite terrible reviews from actual players, FIFA 20 holds a surprisingly impressive 79% rating from critics who have hailed it as the best entry in years. And EA knows it. … FIFA 20's first patch is already locked and loaded, so career mode changes can't be added, he explained.