However on Handa’s travels a series of various animals steal … Just before she arrives, a goat headbutts into a tangerine tree just as Handa passes underneath and her basket gets filled up with them.

But as she walks, the basket balanced on her head, she is unaware of the crafty animals intent on stealing her fruits: a monkey grabs the banana, an ostrich the guava, a zebra the orange, an elephant the mango, a giraffe the pineapple, an antelope the avocado and a parrot the passionfruit. Handa's Surprise. Handa fills her basket with seven delicious fruits - one for each of her friends. Handa’s surprise is a charming and funny show full of songs, sounds, dance and rhythm, featuring beautifully carved rod and hand puppets and songs sung in Swahili. ‘Handa’s Surprise’ is a story about a girl in an African village who loads up her basket with seven different fruits, including guava, mango and pineapple, to bring for her friend Akeyo in a neighbouring village. 29 reviews. Handa is a girl from Kenya who to visit a friend, named Akeyo, who lives in a different village. The Story: In Handa’s Surprise, Handa puts seven different pieces of fruit into her basket to take to her friend Ayeko. In the story Handa is taking a surprise bowl of fruit on a journey to her friend Akeyo. As seen: By Eileen Browne avg rating . All is solved when a goat charges at a nearby tree, and provides a big surprise for Handa! Review for ‘Handa’s Surprise’ written by Eileen Browne’ Handa’s surprise is a great book to incorporate different cultures into the classroom. The funny part was Handa didn't see any of the animals taking the fruit. Tweet.

As seen: By Eileen Browne avg rating .

The part Paula liked is when the goat bumped into the tree and a lot of tangerines fell into the basket.The animals Paula saw in the story was a elephent,giraffe,billy goat,zebera and a bird.The fruits that Paula saw in the story was a pineapple,pear,grape,mango tangerines and a lemon.The pineapple was light as the sun.The pear was as green as grass. Rate and review Add to reading list. Enjoy Eileen Browne's Handa's Surprise with these fun finger puppets that are ideal for bringing the classic tale to life. D ifferent animals pinch the fruit without Handa realising it. 29 reviews. Includes the Handa's Surprise book and 9 finger puppets (Handa, monkey, ostrich, zebra, elephant, giraffe, oryx, parrot and goat). The surprise is as much Akeyo’s as it’s Handa’s. Explore our long list of teaching ideas and activities for some inspiration. Tweet. On her way, and without her knowing, different animals each take a fruit until there is nothing left in her basket and no surprise for her friend. SYNOPSIS: The play is based on the storytale with the same name. Handa's Surprise Script TITLE: Handa ... an elephant, an ostrich, a zebra, a giraffe, an antelope, a parrot, a goat and 2 narrators. Senorita Venus Frankenstein. The story is based in Kenya and is about a little girl called Handa who wants to surprise her friend Akeyo with some fruit. Akeyo lives in a different village to Handa and so she carries the fruit in a basket on her head. Book.

This story is about a girl named Handa who was taking seven delicious and incredibly tasty fruits to Akeyo’s village. Reviews. Handa’s Surprise, by Eileen Browne, is a beautiful colourful picture book. Reviews. Home / Book reviews / Handa's Surprise Handa's Surprise. Rate and review Add to reading list. Perfect for a range of activities around the book's themes, the puppets will be a great addition to your storytelling sessions. Book. This clever, simple story, set in Kenya, tells of Handa’s journey from her home to her friend’s village with a present of fruit that she has picked specially. The serious part was when the naughty goat ran into the tree and the tangerines all fell into the basket. The warm coloured African setting, music and characters provide an enchanting introduction to African culture. On the way to Ayeko’s village a variety of animals help themselves to a piece of fruit until unbeknown to Handa her basket is empty. When a runaway goat headbutts a tree Handa’s basket is refilled with tangerines. Handa's Surprise by Eileen Browne is a favourite book in many Early Years classrooms.

On the way to Akeyo’s village, animals hiding in the savannah steal the fruits from Handa’s basket which she carries on her head. 17 Jun 2020 .

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