The average temperature in Beijing in December, January, and February may fall below 0 C (32 F). The city hosts an Ice Lantern Festival every year at Beijing’s Longqing Gorge to celebrate the cold winter season. In mid-January 2013, Beijing's air quality was measured on top of the city's US embassy at a PM2.5 density of 755 micrograms per cubic meter, which is more than 75 times the safe level established by the WHO, and went off the US Environmental Protection Agency's air quality index. Winter is the coldest season in China across one year from December to next February, featuring cold, dry weather and short daytime. Outside Cold, but Inside Warm Beijing winter lasts four months from Nov 15 to next year’s March 15. Beijing winter weather is chilly cold, accompanied with northwest winds and low humidity. IMO, winter is okay in Beijing. The air is dry and crisp. January is the coldest month with average temperature lower than 0℃ throughout two thirds of China. It may possibly snow, and the snow usually won't melt quickly due to the low temperature. further south in shanghai, it was rather warm, actually. The weather of December, the middle winter in Beijing, is dry and chilly, with an average temperature of -2°C (28°F). Winter Weather in China . Beijing Winter Temperature. Beijing air quality is often poor, especially in winter.

It may be cold enough at the wall to get a nice cold beer and still warm and sunny enough to enjoy it. Beijing Winter weather tends to be dry (there is very little rain in Beijing during Winter. See the next section for a break down of Beijing winter weather by month but if you pack correctly this shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Asia - How cold in Beijing and Shanghai - We have paid for a trip to China on Air China, leaving December 29.2011 from Los Angeles and returning February 7, … Disadvantages to Visiting Beijing in Winter . Winter may not be the best time for you to tour Beijing, because it is very cold, but it undeniably has its advantages. The summer is hot and humid, the winter is cold and dry while the spring and autumn are cool and short. Visitors from tropical countries may find Beijing weather extremely inhospitable. But outside the city, the air is far better and the crowds will be minimal at places like the Great Wall--winter's the best time to see that. In general, the Beijing winter season starts from late November and lasts to early March.

And Beijing is a good winter destination for those who love skiing, winter festivities, and snowy sightseeing. Thus, December in Beijing a good time for those who love skiing and skating. Beijing winter weather is chilly cold, accompanied with northwest winds and low humidity. about 7-10 degrees in the day and close to freezing point at night, but still manageable. Cold wind freezes all the plants and flowers, so everywhere appears a bleak visage of winter. The good news is that there are no end of winter-appropriate activities – here’s our round-up of the best things to see and do in Beijing in winter.

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