Let us know a little bit more on how to be prettier that you already are (yes, I think you are already very pretty). ***Pardon my profanity sprinkled throughout this answer, as well as any perceived cockiness or douchebag-ery. This is one of the biggest tips to consider for how to look pretty in glasses. You'll learn how to: *Accentuate the positive- tips every pretty girl needs for beautiful hair and makeup! Being pretty has some major benefits. The right way of carrying yourself and thinking about yourself can help you a great deal in looking pretty. So, whether you decide to DIY or see a stylist, don’t forget to keep your eyebrows clean and well groomed!
I’ve definitely passed a few classes I shouldn’t have by batting my big brown eyes and crying crocodile tears. I used to be a hit at the bars (back when I still went to bars) because I could get free drinks just by asking for them, and I’ve avoided arrest a few times when I probably shouldn’t have. Looking pretty is more of a state of mind, than appearance. Keeping your eyebrows neat and well-shaped is a must because they will be highlighted even more by your glasses. You too can be that pretty girl every day using these tried and true lessons learned by a pretty girl on the inside who blossomed into a pretty girl on the outside.

It’s hard to answer a question about what it’s like to be “very attractive” without sounding like an absolute dick, but I’ll do my best. traduction pretty dans le dictionnaire Anglais - Francais de Reverso, voir aussi 'prettily',petty',prey',pretext', conjugaison, expressions idiomatiques
You can even fill in any gaps with a brow powder or pencil.

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