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Use rainwater to water your plants, wash your car and more without increasing your water bill.

Rainmeter works by installing community made ‘skins’, many of which can change how the desktop works with widgets like app launchers, RSS and email readers, calendars, weather reports, and many others. If your rain barrel is above ground, the water will flow out under the force of gravity. Finally, I have got round to it. This guide reviews how to use a rain barrel, including the steps for building your own and keeping it clean. Position a deep bucket or pot underneath the faucet so the water doesn’t spill out. You can usually drink rain straight from the sky, but if you're collecting and storing it, you'll want to disinfect rainwater for drinking and cleaning.Fortunately, there are simple disinfection methods to use, whether you have power or not. Our company was one of the first large rainwater harvesting companies in South Africa and our one knowledgeable staff have combinedexperience of over 25 years in the water business. A typical household can reduce their consumption of treated water from mains by between 30 and 50% by harvesting rainwater (according to the "Save the Rain Campaign"). Equipment . Collecting rainwater for later use, or diverting it so that it does not become wastewater, is a very effective and easy way to conserve water. This is handy information to know in case you're stuck after a storm without water or you're out camping.

I actually use them to water my livestock. Rainwater Toilet Flush: For a few years now I have been thinking about using rainwater to flush our toilet. Collecting rainwater provides gallons of free water. Use the rain barrel’s faucet to drain the water into a container.

But she also includes details about the mistakes she made and how you can learn from those mistakes to have great success with you DIY water catchment system. Yet, in our modern era having water available to us at the tap has caused many to forget about the benefits of harvesting rainwater. How to Use Collected Rainwater. Turn the valve on the rain barrel’s faucet clockwise to open it so the water drains out. Rainmeter is a lightweight application for customizing your Windows desktop. For a homeowner, harvesting rainwater will not only help the environment, it can also help you save money.

While the rainwater you collect should not be considered potable (safe to drink) it can certainly be used to water shrubs, flowerbeds, or gardens. Rain is free, and you can use that rain to water your lawn or garden during times of dry and hot weather. However, what makes this tutorial so great is the fact that she not only includes details on how to build it. This will not allow you to use a standard sprinkler, but you can use soaker hoses or a standard garden hose. They are very sturdy and work great for storing lots of rainwater.

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