I never had my dad in my life either. She had another husband who went crazy and tried to kill her. Every day there is some controversy, whether it be yelling or something worse. My mother’s family was devout Church of Christ. He was schizophrenic. I purchased this as a gift for my grandpa to fill out to give to my dad. It’s a treasure now. I purchased this as a gift for my grandpa to fill out to give to my dad. Here, after the end of my dad’s dementia journey as at the beginning, grief and love are inextricably intertwined, and so … I share many physical traits with my sisters, so have always assumed my uncle was my real father. The name-calling, berating and constant denigration of my character and my every move was too much for me.

I’ll be buying again for my own Dad to pass down to my children. I think she hates me cos apparently I am similar to my dad. Georgina H(142) ... but if we bumped into him I would encourage him to speak to his Dad, just because I want him to have no guilt if anything were to happen to his Dad, as long as he knows he did what he could, still spoke, was amicable etc then he would not have to place any blame onto him self in the future, his Dad can keep all that for himself. My dad is leaving me out of his will. We finished the book the day he passed. My dad’s plan gives them everything they want financially and will ease my mom’s mental state.

She has basically told me countless times, "You are just like your father" in a horrible way. My mother, aged 50, has dropped a bombshell: she is leaving my father after 27 years of marriage. I stopped talking to my step-dad long ago but I permanently removed my mother from my life almost 2 years ago. ... Having a place to hang out with no specific reason, familiar smells and sounds, people around me who have known me my whole life, speaking my mother tongue… And then I started thinking about my decision to break from my parents, to no longer have them in my life — why did I do it? Well, from my point of view, ever since I was a teenager, my mum has always been argumentative and pretty horrible to me and my dad. I wish I was joking. I wish my real dad could have been there as me and my 2 siblings were growing up, but no matter how much I wished for it he was never there.

My father’s family was strict Southern Baptist. So even when my father cast me out, I was too scared to seek help. I didn't have the capacity or life experience to see my situation in any other way.

I enjoyed hearing all the stories of grandpa’s life. I don’t hate her, but I love myself enough to not allow her abusive and toxic behavior into my life or my daughter’s life.