paradise (n.) late Old English, "the garden of Eden," from Old French paradis "paradise, garden of Eden" (11c. How to say paradise in Latin. guest, sponger, toady, diner-out, hanger-on. In Middle English, the form of the word was influenced by its Old French equivalent, paradis, and it is from such Middle English forms as paradis that our Modern English word descends. follower, attendant, dependant, dependent, underling. Please find below many ways to say paradise in different languages.

parasitus. paradise. These senses of "paradeisos" entered into Late Latin as paradisus, and then into Anglo-French (and later, Middle English) as "paradis." 'Paradise' in Latin is 'paradisus' [pah-rah-DEE-sūs], the plural being 'paradisi' [pah-rah-DEE-see]. Synonyms: Camelot, Cockaigne, Eden… Antonyms: anti-utopia, dystopia, hell… Find the right word. Though originally used in theological senses in English, "paradise" has …
(chiefly religion) The place where sanctified souls are believed to live after death. paradisus noun. More Latin words for paradise. quotations ▼ parasitus noun. paradisum. Synonym:... ( Abrahamic religions) A garden where Adam and Eve first lived after being created.
This is the translation of the word "paradise" to over 80 other languages. The Latin word was then borrowed into Old English and used to designate the Garden of Eden. Asked in Latin to English , English to Latin What does the latin word mim mean ? Latin Translation. elisii campi noun.

orchard, park, town. More Latin words for parasite. Latin Translation. assecula noun.

Paradise: an often imaginary place or state of utter perfection and happiness.