If you are traveling to Lofoten for the ‘winter look’ of the islands, then mid January to late March is the best period. When the night sky is clear, Lofoten comes to life with vibrant shows of the Northern Lights. Before the new year, the weather is too inconsistent, it might snow or it might just rain. The sun dips below the horizon creating colours the likes of which will not be seen at any other time of the year making this an extra special time. The sun returns after its 1 month absence in early january. The Lofoten Islands bring exciting challenges which will push you to learn new skills and think creatively. In March, the Islands are still in full winter mode, but the days are now becoming long, making this a popular month for skiing and other mountain activities.

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Winter colours! An encounter with the mighty sea eagle will definitely leave the hairs on the back of your neck standing on end. 2013-07-03 12:12 When you travel through Northern Norway, you are often reliant on boat transportation to reach all the gems along the way. Glide past islands and majestic mountains, and even sail through the fabled Trollfjorden fjord, which is surrounded by craggy peaks. We have been to Lofoten in winter and summer both. Seasons On Lofoten – Winter is an introductory photography and travel guide focused on the unique nature of winter on the Lofoten Islands. Winter (November, December, February, March). Keep in mind that the days are extremely short in winter, so at midday we will have to go to Uttakleiv to look for the best spots to photograph Northern Lights at night. Für den ersten Besuch Norwegens eine ungewöhnliche Wahl. So, even after deciding that you want to go in winter, when you go in winter still makes a bit difference to the appearance of feeling of the Islands. Lofoten is well-renowned for its scenic beaches, with their golden sands and turquoise water framed by majestic mountains all around. Over the course of a week daylight increases by about an hour, making a noticeable difference to the observer. Weather: It's cold – but not unbearable (average lows around -5°C, average high 2°C).Unpredictable in November/December with either rain or snow. The Lofoten Islands are absolutely stunning no matter the season. January - March provide more predictable winter conditions.

Lofoten Winter Photo Tour Visiting the Lofoten Islands during winter time is a dream for each landscape photographer. Fredvang Bridges Lofoten Islands by Peter Edwards, CC BY, cropped. Die Landkette mit ihren ca. We are working with very experienced guides with more than 12 years of experience in tourism all around the world. More than just a location guide, this ebook is written from Cody’s years of experience photographing the Islands under the changeable conditions of the arctic circle.

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