Trip cancellation and interruption insurance up to the amount you insured before your departure date to a maximum of $20,000; Reimburses you for the prepaid, non-refundable, non-transferable portion of your trip when your trip cancellation or interruption is due to a covered event; Conditions, limitations and exclusions apply.

Protect your travels & save 10% on rates. If you're planning on travelling out of the province or out of the country, Manulife Emergency Medical insurance for Canadians gives you a simple, affordable way to protect against the cost of unexpected emergency medical expenses that may happen during your trip.

Travel insurance generally only covers cancellations for unforeseen events. Manulife CoverMe® Travel Insurance All-Inclusive Policy For Travelling Canadians Efective November 2019 Underwriten by The Manufacturers Life Insurance Company and First North American Insurance Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of Manulife. Manulife Global Travel Insurance Trip Cancellation plan provides travellers with trip cancellation, trip interruption, trip delay, and many other benefits while traveling outside of their home province. MANULIFE FINANCIAL TRAVEL INSURANCE Trip Cancellation & Interruption Policy Effective November 2017 UNDERWRITTEN BY THE MANUFACTURERS LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY AND FIRST NORTH AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY, A WHOLLY OWNED SUBSIDIARY OF MANULIFE. To our valued customers: . We know the government’s recent advice to Canadians to return home as quickly as possible has raised questions. See policy for details. Keeping you informed. The remaining materials will be updated through 2020. Trip Cancellation & Interruption Insurance (“TCII”) does include an exclusion for reasons, circumstances, events, etc., that the purchaser is aware of prior to having their TCII insurance issued and which may lead to a cancellation or interruption of the trip. To cancel a trip before your scheduled departure date, you must cancel your trip with the travel supplier and notify us at 1 888 881-8010 or +1 519 945-8346 on the day the cause of cancellation occurs or on the next business day at the latest. Manulife Global Trip Cancellation. … If before purchasing your TCII, you were aware of a reason or event that may cause you to cancel or interrupt your trip a claim for that reason or event will … Manulife Global Travel Insurance policies protect you from unexpected expenses, no matter where life takes you. Travel Insurance for Travelling Canadians . So we're offering you and your family 10% savings on already affordable Manulife Travel Insurance rates. Check our FAQ. Policies that include “Cancel for Any Reason” insurance may also still offer coverage, depending on the terms, even after Thursday, he said. Trip Cancellation & Interruption Benefits. If you purchased individual Manulife travel insurance, rest assured that depending on your level of coverage, we will assist with some or all of the costs you incur.

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Flight and travel accident insurance. The misconnection benefit offered with this plan helps you reach your destination in case a covered trip delay keeps you from making your connecting transportation.

IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY, YOU MUST CALL OUR ASSISTANCE CENTRE: This plan even includes reduced coverage if you decide not to travel for any reason. For more product and marketing information about Manulife Financial Travel Insurance, contact our sales team at 1-800-565-2338. 2019/2020 changes and updates to Manulife Travel Insurance for Students Branding Several sales and marketing materials have been updated with the new Manulife design and branding. Why is Travel Insurance important? Wallet card Text has been updated for greater clarity.

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