The great thing about Slipknot is they're so unique and innovative that there really aren't bands just like them. Their self-titled debut album was a commercial and critical success, as … Slipknot is a Grammy Award-winning heavy metal band from Des Moines, Iowa that formed in 1995. How to Make a Slipknot Mask. Few albums anticipated the last decade's sheer unpleasantness quite like Slipknot's magnum opus Iowa. Fans Are Freaking Out Because ‘The Walking Dead’ Villains Look Like A Certain Rock Band.

What makes Mick Thomson's masks memorable is the fact that he pretty much sticks to a similar design in each new era, giving him one of the most consistent and iconic looks in the Slipknot family. Slipknot were among the first bands to popularise the wearing of masks during performances and promotional shoots. WEST HOLLYWOOD — Mushroomhead wear masks and play earsplitting gothic metal, so they expect and welcome comparisons to Slipknot. This manic hailstorm of grind arrived on August 28, 2001 and, had it …

Stone Sour is a given because Corey Taylor and Jim Root are in it.

The Whisperers recall a specific mask-wearing, ... as fans of The Walking Dead and Slipknot … With a little time, and some inexpensive materials, you can make your own! Just don't call the eight-member rock orchestra a rip-off.

Have you ever wanted a Corey Taylor (from Slipknot) mask, but the only ones you see online are too expensive?

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