Do I buy size 5T from Old Navy/Gap "toddler" or do I buy XS from Old Navy/Gap "girls"?

The sizing uncertainty comes from the fact that plus size clothing manufacturers actually use several different sizing systems to describe their garments. ?

basically a 6 -avoid reading the size and just buy clothes that fit (like you do for yourself!).

2T = Toddler, approximately two years old (“T” is used through 5T) 6X = A size between six and seven; 4R = Four, regular fit; 4S = Four, slim fit; 4H = Four, husky fit ; 4P = Four, plus fit; 4-5 = Dual sizes such as 4-5 are sized generously, with room to grow; 6.
My son is 4 years old and wears a 5t in clothes. Login to reply the answers Post; david . Lv 6.

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Fortunately, understanding your proper size is as simple as figuring out how these systems compare. Favorite Answer. Thanks!!! 8 years ago. Please note that dual sizes (4-5, for example) are sized generously for a comfortable fit, with room to grow. Quote. Posts: 5,007 Likes: 3,794 Difference between 5T and size 5/XS? My son is not quite three, but is rapidly outgrowing his 4T stuff. 0 0 2. KitKat. 0 1 0. Three Different Sizing Systems for Plus Sizes. 6. 3 Answers. What is the difference?
! By using the height and weight charts below, you can easily find the right size for your child. thejen626 Senior Member. The stores seems to have very few items in the 5T size (and underwear doesn't appear to come in 5T at all). The height/weight ranges appear to be the same, so are they cut differently? Keep your receipt. After 5T in the baby section you would move up to size 4/5 in the girls section possibly 6/6X depending how big a growth spurt she had or how much extra growing room you want. When I head into the boys' department, the smallest size is also a size 5, but seems larger...maybe? Login to reply the answers Post; katerock0602. So after he outgrows the 5t what size comes next?

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5T: 5 Years: 41 - 44" 104 - 112 cm: 39 - 45 lbs 18 - 20 kg: 22 - 23" 56 - 58 cm: 22 - 22.5" 56 - 57 cm Toddlers Size Chart. Answer Save. I noticed that when I go shopping I don't see a 6t. 0 1 0. Choosing the right size is key for a comfortable fit. 8 years ago. what size comes after 5t in boys. Use this sizing chart to find US sizes for toddlers and younger children, both boys and girls, based on measurements in height and weight. Relevance. Again, because I cannot find a lot of 5T stuff for comparsion, I'm a little confused. 8 years ago.

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