Beneath its calm exterior, it remains an active volcano, as evidenced by the hot water springs located on its western face. It is well known for its eruption in 1902 Mount Pelee is in the eastern Caribbean. Pelee on the north (left) end of the island. Photograph of Mt.

Puerto Rico and Venezuela are nerby. Pelee is famous for the May 8, 1902 eruption which killed 29,000 people and destroyed the city of St. Pierre. More than 30,000 people died — and only three made it out alive. img_mount-pelee-salomon.jpg. St. Pierre is near the town Grand Riviere. Click on the minus button to see where Mt.Pelee is located in the world. Mount Pelée, active volcanic mountain on the Caribbean island of Martinique. Pelée, whose name is a French term meaning “Bald,” consists of layers of volcanic ash and lavas. This is the largest number of casualities for a volcanic eruption this century. The Ring of Fire is along the Pacific Rim. The Caribbean is found southeast of the Gulf of Mexico. Pelee … Mount Pelée is an active volcano on the northern tip of the French "overseas département" of Martinique in the West Indies, Caribbean. Situated 15 miles (24 km) northwest of Fort-de-France, it reaches an elevation of 4,583 feet (1,397 metres). The volcano is in North-West Martinique which is a small island near a stream of other islands. The volcano is indeed still active and suspected to erupt again but it is close monitored by specialists. In less than a minute, the volcano eviscerated the entire city of St. Pierre, the biggest city in the Caribbean island of Martinique. Mount Pelee is a colony of France. The eruption of Mount Pelee was the worst volcanic disaster of the 20th century. The volcano itself is in St. Pierre, Martinique. But rest assured!

Space Shuttle photo of Martinique with Mt. At 1,397 meters, Mount Pelée is the highest peak in Martinique. Its gently Mount Pelee is located in the most Northern part of the island Martinique in the Caribbean. Mt. Mount Pelee is not on the Ring of Fire.

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