HylianPaladin 4 years ago #1. Pokemon Picross Solutions is the source for Solutions, Answers, Cheats, and Walkthroughs to All the Pokemon Picross Puzzle Levels on the Nintendo 3DS. Fear no more!

Board. Q&A. Select level. Disable if they're too bright for you. Effects Animations and pretty effects. User Info: HylianPaladin. … Pokemon Picross – Cheats 3DS. As you play through the stages, you will find that completion of some of the challenges does not give you Picrites as you may expect but rather give you Mural slabs. These are pieces of a much larger image that can be completed, often referred to as Micross. Stupid Professor says there is yet again a legendary lurking in area 7..... according to the FAQ guide, it's my favorite Steel type pokemon.. Jirachi (I spoiler … You can earn Picrites in the game, or you can purchase them on the Nintendo 3DS eShop. Welcome to Pokemon Picross Solutions! As the game is free to play, it's not necessary to purchase all the Picrites as they can be easily gained in gameplay, but purchasing them does allow for faster progression. Solutions for Pokemon Picross areas. Each image is a 8x8 mural with each square being a 10x10 Picross puzzle. Level Names Also shows the name of a pokemon in the navigation on the left. More. Picrites Picrites are a form of currency used in the game. Serebii's Pokémon Picross Discovery Thread The new game, Pokémon Picross, is out in Japan tomorrow, and as usual we will be covering the game in full.
We have all the solutions to the Pokemon Picross Game: Stuck on a level? Disable if you … x10.00 Increase or decrease the size of the sprite. Background colors Themed colors by type. Can't get enough picrites to unlock the Mega Pencil or areas 6/7. Show options. Grid Displays a grid to differenciate pixels. Guides. Pokemon Picross; Farming for Picrites? Home. This thread will have all the minor things I discover as playing through the game, which may not necessarily warrant posting directly on the site, though keep an eye there too as sections will be updated. So except mastering a few legendary levels, I've completed to the end of area 5 normal.

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