Pregelatinized starches retain most of the functional properties and viscosity of … Definition: Prepared from starch or flour, pregelatinized starch easily dissolves in cold liquids eliminating a heating step in manufacturing and becoming viscous like gelatin. Gelatinised refers to a process. However, Tylenol gel capsules contain gelatin, which is animal-derived and not vegan. •Stearic acid serves as a lubricant in the product’s coating. It is widely used in foods and pharmaceuticals and also in several other industries including mining/drilling, construction and … It is typically derived from corn, waxy corn, potato, or tapioca. Source: The Magazine for Vegan Family Living Which are vegan, and which are not? •Shellac is a coating agent. They develop viscosity without the need for heat which means that the food manufacturer does not need to pre-cook the starch. contains magnesium stearate) – time to contact the manufacturer and ask some questions. Pre-gelatinised starch is a plant-based ingredient made from potato, wheat, corn or tapioca. Pre-gelatinised starch is vegetarian and vegan. The process allows starch granules in the flour to have increased water absorption, and better dough hydration. Pre-gelatinized rice flour is used in gluten-free baking, low volume bread, or batters. Another ingredient of concern to some vegans in Tylenol is magnesium stearate. Pregelatinized Starch is Vegan; Present in Many Tylenol®, Excedrin®, Motrin® & Target® Pain Relievers •Magnesium stearate is an ink printing agent. • Discovered that the product might be vegan (e.g. Pregelatinized starch is a processed carbohydrate, used as a texturizer and/or binder. According to the Vegetarian Research Group (VRG), the “ pregelatinized starch ” found in Tylenol tablets is indeed vegan. By now you have either: • Found out that the product is not vegan – time to research alternatives (see below). It can be found in: Dry mixes (soups and sauces) Fruit juice; Potato products; Salad dressings; Gravies; Pharmaceuticals; Baby formula and food; Gelatine usually refers to a meat-based product. It is safe for vegetarians and vegans. Pre-gelatinized rice flour is made by parboiling rice kernels before milling. It has nothing to do with gelatin. Pregelatinization gives native and stabilized starches the ability to form a cold water paste.

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