Pros: This island is so beautiful it almost begs the upscale traveler to view it all from a helicopter ride and is a spectacular way to see the Napali coast (which can also be rafted). The Pros and Cons of Hotels vs. ! Vacation Rentals. Vacation Rentals. Answer 1 of 13: Hi, I'm just now starting my research on a Maui vacation. By Cruise Ship Pros See More in Less Time. The best swimming and snorkeling beaches are South. Cons: Part of Kauai’s beauty comes at the expense of activities. Please help me think of the pros and cons when comparing the two types of vacations.

I deeply love them both. Photo: Mary Bartnikowski, Oahu I’ve lived on 3 islands in 3 years but most of the time has been living on Kauai. My wife and I were both working evenings, allowing us each day to enjoy South Maui’s finest beaches. List of the Pros of Living in Hawaii. Jan 18, 2020 - Hawaii Vacation Condo vs Hotel: top Hawaii blog, Hawaii Travel with Kids, features the Pros and Cons of renting a Condo VS Hotel.

The weather is incredible in Hawaii all year long. Of course, we do believe that the benefits of cruising heavily outweigh the downfalls, but in the spirit of being impartial, we give you a list of some pros and cons of a cruise vacation. There is a lot of opinions out there about whether you should or should not rent a jeep in Hawaii. A visit to the Hawaiian Islands holds a firm spot on many bucket lists and for good reason. 1. We personally rented a jeep while we vacationed in Oahu and loved it (despite a few drawbacks). Keep reading to learn about the pros and cons of living in this laid-back beach town. Known for the big surf on the North shore in the winter, and Waikiki with its view of the recognizable Diamond Head landmark. Check out the pros and cons to renting a jeep in Hawaii below and be the judge for yourself. Some all-inclusive resort packages include meals Saving time and money is a good thing. Some additional Pros and Cons of Visiting Kauai: Pros: Quintessential “Hawaii” with no skyscrapers, cities, or crowds. The two main tourist areas are West Maui (actually NW) and South Maui (SW).. West is more hustle-bustle, high-rise, with Lahaina as the center of its nightlife, galleries, bars (also some museums from the town's whaling days). South is quieter, with four posh resorts in Wailea and some restaurants, little nightlife in neighboring S. Kihei.. Cons include the transportation costs that eat up a lot of the holiday budget.
It seems like there are a lot of condos in addition to all the nice resorts. Is it Worth Renting a Jeep in Hawaii.

The Cons of Hawaiian Beaches One of the biggest cons when it comes to beaches in Hawaii is the fact that swimming isn't allowed in a few spots. Being on Oahu, you’ll get more traffic and economic opportunities, more people.