Sate wide data are provided by the California/Nevada River Forecast Center. These precipitation extremes were measured in downtown Los Angeles and go back to 1921, with just a few years missing data. ... the National Weather Service is reporting record rainfall totals. A date with a plus sign beside it means the same amount of rain also fell on at least one other day earlier that year. > columbia, sc > 24 ... public information statement national weather service columbia sc 1046 am edt mon aug 19 2013 the following are 24 hour rainfall totals ending at 8am ... 1.26 sclx31 : lexington 1.0 se * : 1.24 scsl09 : … Precipitation Observations June 14, 2020 June 13, 2020 June 12, 2020 June 11, 2020 June 10, 2020 By amount: From highest to lowest By latitude: From north to south AngelsLos Angeles Angels Of Anaheim News And Updates From CBS 2 And KCAL 9.

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Wet day at Los Angeles International Airport. A - A. PointCast weather info as close as 1km/0.6 miles 24 hour precipitation totals. For the brevity of the rainy season, the climate is actually semi-arid. Highest rainfall -(2100 on the previous day to 2100 on the date shown) Sunniest - (2100 on the previous day to 2100 on the date shown) The information shown is initial data as it is received; observations are subject to final quality control after publication on this website. These data are updated every 5 minutes. Los Angeles Almanac Photo.

This page gives the highest daily precipitation for each year in Los Angeles and the date that it happened.

For monthly rainfall data for previous seasons, see L.A. International Airport Monthly Rainfall Each Season since 1944. ... 3 hours ago. Get the Last 24 Hours city list. The wettest month is February.

Rainfall in Los Angeles is quite scarce, amounting to about 375 millimeters (15 inches) per year, and has a similar pattern to that of the Mediterranean climate, but with a drier autumn, since most of the rain falls from December to March, while in summer, it almost never rains. ... = Gage has not reported in last 24 hours. Seasonal Rainfall (Precipitation) 2019-2020 Los Angeles International Airport. This site provides current rainfall totals for Ventura County and nearby counties. This is particularly the case for rainfall totals during snow events. Data missing.

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