Transactions of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland × Close Overlay A title history is the publication history of a journal and includes a listing of the family of related journals. Jain temple in fortress of Komulmer. The site features archives, manuscripts, artwork, photographs, and more, from a variety of Asian cultures, as well as materials showing some of the ways Europeans have responded to Asia over the centuries. RAS 037.023

2.3K likes. The most … The Royal Asiatic Society is currently closed because of the health crisis. The Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society has been published by the Society since 1834 and is distinguished not only by its longevity but also by its consistency in providing a forum for scholarly articles of the highest quality on South Asia, the Middle East (together with North Africa and Ethiopia), Central Asia, East Asia and South-East Asia. The Royal Asiatic Society's Digital Library provides free online access to some of our historic collections, for a worldwide audience.

Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland, London, United Kingdom. Issuing a new edition of this work, with the benefit of the new sources and perspectives available to modern scholarship, is one of the Society’s chief objectives as we approach our 2023 bicentenary celebrations. From the Tod Collection. However, staff are continuing to work from home and should you have any enquiries, members of staff can be reached by email: