There were a couple of live offerings and a 30th anniversary project as well that kept fans happy perhaps, but broke -- though Rush in Rio was the kind of live album every band hopes to record. It was recorded between November and December 2006 at Allaire Studios in New York’s Catskill Mountains and mixed and mastered at Ocean Way Recording in Los Angeles. I love Rush, but my top three are now Snakes & Arrows, Vapour Trails, and Clockwork Angels, all of which I simply could not appreciate when I first heard them. Snakes & Arrows In celebration of today’s anniversary of the release of Snakes & Arrows (2007) , here is a behind the scenes story from that time: Before the Snakes & Arrows Tour, Neil asked Patrick at Showtech if he could customize his drumming hats and stage tees for him. Snakes & Arrows represents the band's 18th studio album.

Snakes & Arrows is Rush’s 18th full-length studio album and their first studio outing since 2004’s Feedback.It was also the band’s first complete studio album since Vapor Trails in 2002. About Snakes & Arrows. The most impenetrable Rush albums turn out to be the most rewarding if you put in a fraction of the effort in listening as they put into the production.

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