Completion of a master's degree or higher in educational administration from a college or university having an educational administration degree program approved by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is required. Some also interact with parents and educational policy makers and administer achievement tests. An Initial Administrator Certificate is the first certificate a new administrator receives.

To become a school administrator, first you'll need to get a bachelor's degree in education and obtain your teaching license since school administrators are generally required to start as teachers. Holders of this endorsement are authorized to perform duties at the district level in the areas of financial budget planning and administration, financial accounting and reporting, insurance/risk administration … The system is designed to assist schools and offices to electronically certify that the required actions and activities have been completed in accordance with District nondiscrimination and safety mandates, policies, and procedures. Such positions shall include assistant superintendent for business and school business administrator. Our Leadership Initiative for Tomorrow's Schools (LIFTS) administration certification focuses on preparing you for New York State Education Department certification as school leaders. When a candidate obtains a position requiring school business administrator certification the district registers the candidate in the PLRMS and then calls NJ DOE at (609) 292-6378 to complete the registration process. A public school administrator provides administrative and supervisory leadership to public schools and school districts in relation to public school curriculum design, development and implementation to facilitate the achievement of specific instructional program objectives. You may also want to get your master's in school administration to better prepare you for the job and make you more competitive as a candidate. Certification Requirements: School district administrators, sometimes called school superintendents, budget and allocate funds for a school district, evaluate instructional techniques and ensure that a school's curriculum meets state education guidelines. The Administrator Certification On-line System is an electronic system that replaces the paper format of the Administrator Certification Form. It is only issued to individuals who held a Provisional certificate and who complete the requirements for a Permanent certificate in that same title within the lifetime of the Provisional (which includes any time extension or renewal issued to qualified individuals).

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