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Have a look here: Pros and Cons of Different Swing-Types? Advanced Kettlebell Workouts. If you want an aerobic effect you chose a weight and pace you can maintain for a longer duration. Let's take the one arm kettlebell swing for example. The single arm kettlebell swing is the gateway to kettlebell cleans and snatches. Weight: Male - 24kg; Female - 16kg . They are the perfect portable, one-stop, biggest-bang-for-your-buck, piece of exercise equipment you’ll ever own.

Two Handed Kettlebell Swing Benefits. There's actually three options for swings: one-arm swings (one kettlebell), two-arm swings (one kettlebell), and double swings (two kettlebells). As I’m sure you are aware this is one of the most important kettlebell exercises of them all. Tips for Single Arm Kettlebell Swing. The swing is one of the most common kettlebell moves, however, it’s not the only one. Why?

This move is similar to the traditional kettlebell swing, but it only uses one hand.
Odd minute: 10 kettlebell swings + 5 burpees; Even minute: 10 kettlebell snatches . Below are six other beneficial exercises that will help tighten and tone your entire body. 1 Turkish get up (left arm) + 4 single arm kettlebell press .

! You should always start a one arm swing with both hands on the kettlebell. Workout #1: 10 minute EMOM. I’ve never done single-arm kettlebell swings and don’t understand the benefit of using one arm. Keep your back flat when swinging the kettlebell between the legs. SINGLE ARM KETTLEBELL SWING TUTORIAL | full body kettlebell strength training exercise | Human 2.0. Stop touching your knees or hips with the non-working arm to get the benefits out of this training. One Arm Ballistics. Swing the kettlebell back to the initial position and repeat. #10 One Arm Staggered Kettlebell Swing With Rotation The one arm staggered swing will take the benefit of the staggered position, but now add in more rotation on the bottom of the downswing. Workout #3: For Time: 50 right arm kettlebell swings; 50 left arm kettlebell swings . And if boredom wasn’t an issue, the kettlebell swing is the ONLY exercise you would ever need to do in your entire life. Try one or two of these exercises or work them into a longer routine. The problem is that the way most people do the kettlebell swing is DEAD WRONG!! Swinging the kettlebell with one hand does two things: firstly it doubles the load on the one shoulder joint and secondly it pulls the body into rotation requiring more core stabilisation. You can use the single arm kettlebell swing on its own for cardio workouts. This will square your shoulders and you won't start off in bad form before you even start the swing. Lets take a quick look at the benefits….

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