You can create a new Spotify playlist or select an existing playlist to receive the songs. You can do it with a new tool we developed for transferring Playlists from Apple Music to Spotify, CSV file and also other music services.

Convert Apple Music to Spotify You want to switch from Apple Music to Spotify but you don't want to lose your Apple Music playlists?

Connect Apple Music (click on it on the left panel) Select the Apple Music albums you want to move (by checking the corresponding box on the left of each album) Click on the Convert tool () on the top tool bar Select Spotify as the destination (and connect this platform) I prefer Spotify because it feels more personal and you don't have to use iTunes which is a complete pain in the *** on Windows 10. The ideal setup is as follows: (a) import all of my iTunes playlists to Spotify; (b) be able to download those Playlists (and all their songs) to my iPhone and iPad. Wait for the 0,99ct/3 Months discount they do from time to time. Here is a link to the tool - Please let me know if you like it and if anything you think we need to improve 20 Been using Spotify for amost 8 years now, tried Apple Music a few weeks back.

The reasons I didn’t really want to switch from Apple Music were: The beautiful, simple design A new song, or maybe I was just curious for a new app… I didn’t want to ditch Apple Music completely, though – the plan was to use Spotify for music discovery and somehow import the playlists into Apple Music. Using TuneMyMusic you can easily move your entire Apple Music library to Spotify in the most convenient way.
Select Spotify as the destination.
Also Spotify has better streaming quality. For free users, you need to wait for a few seconds while the ads running.

Tap on the Apple Music and select a playlist that you want to transfer Spotify. In an effort to cut down costs on my music purchases (I spend $200 or more on music in iTunes alone), I decided to give Spotify a try.

switching from apple music to spotify