If your pet is already registered you can renew the registration.If your pet was registered at another Council or to another owner, you can transfer the registration. We will send you a reminder 3-4 weeks before this date via email or post. Dogs and cats Buying or adopting a new pet is a delight ... Give your cat or dog the best chance at a happy and healthy life. For nearly 30 years, the Casey Research team has been led by legendary speculator and bestselling author Doug Casey. Pet registration. If you are moving out of Casey … If your Vet has marked your pet's records as desexed or you have a desexing certificate or …

... you can lodge a Lifetime Registration Form with Council. You must renew your pet's registration by 10 April every year. A new fee schedule for pet registration (under the Domestic Animals Act 1994 ) was introduced on 11 April 2013: The City of Casey considers each application individually to register a dangerous, menacing or restricted breed dog. Pet registration. And in all that time, they’ve maintained the same philosophy: Investors risk 100% of their money in the hopes of receiving a 10% … If your pet was registered in another state, you must register it again.

Renew your registration. If your details have changed, please update your contact details online . Pet registration checklist.

If you would like to register a dangerous, menacing or restricted breed dog, please contact us . To register your cat or dog for the first time, please make sure: Your cat or dog has not previously been registered in Casey. Restrictions on keeping pets. Please complete a pet registration form and provide proof of payment from your previous council for the current registration period.

After you have transferred your registration to Casey, you must renew it each year. Manage 1.04 hectares of dog parks in Casey; Payment can be made securely online on the renew your pet registration page, via BPAY, by calling 1300 665 200, by visiting an Australia Post Office or at a City of Casey Customer Service Centre.

Dog and cat registration fees Note : Registration fees vary by municipality – contact your local council to confirm pet registration fees for your area. Microchipping and desexing. Online registration is not accepted. If you are moving out of Casey or your pet has passed away, you can cancel the registration. Restrictions on keeping pets. Maximum number of animals ... You are not required to desex your dog, but you will receive a discount for registering a desexed dog.

You do not have more than 2 cats and/or 2 dogs. Register your pet. Maximum number of animals.