Run “Uniden R Series SW Download Tool V1.28.msi”. Pressing the MENU button on the top of the detector lets you enter the configuration menu. Press and hold this button to alternate between Highway, City, and... Volume: There are … R7’s Top Buttons. R3 for PC – “Uniden R Series SW Download Tool and Firmware” R1/R3 for MAC – “Uniden R Series SW Drivers, Download Tool and Firmware” [not available at this time] After downloading, extract the files to a new folder. Uniden continues to update and improve the R7 and as features are added or changed, this guide will be updated accordingly.

This guide will cover additional information, plus I will keep updating it as settings change. When they released the Uniden R3, they added multiple brightness settings for its user. Ka band is always ... GPS (R3 only) Speed Camera (R3 only) Redlight Cam (R3 only) RLC Q-Ride (R3 only)

Menu. To change or toggle a feature, you can press the MENU button quickly.
If you want stealth driving, you’ll also enjoy the DARK mode of the display, wherein the screen stays off. The Uniden R7 manual is also an excellent resource.

Menu: The menu button takes into the main settings. You get OFF, DARK, DIMMER, DIM, and DARK BRIGHT for the OLED display. Uniden R7 Buttons & Functions. Uniden R3 is quite easy to configure and use. Depressing the left or right volume buttons steps each option.

The various buttons on the Uniden R3 include: Power: The power button that turns the device off and on is located on the very front. Settings & Menu Options: Highway / City / Advance d. This lets you dial back the sensitivity of K band and X band to reduce false alerts around town.

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