Go. The throttling took place after the repeal of net neutrality rules went into effect, although Verizon, like other major carriers, throttled unlimited plans at certain use thresholds long before that.

While firefighters in Santa Clara, California, were responding to wildfires that spread across the state earlier this summer, Verizon Wireless was throttling the fire department's data.
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The fire department should have made this clear to Verizon and asked for a plan that did not have throttling of any sort at any time.

Verizon throttled California firefighters and it wasn’t the first time. Oh man, that Verizon fuck up. Verizon Wants You to Forget it Throttled Firefighters’ Phone Data. 1 minute read Feb 4th, 2019 1:22 PM EST | News. Andrew Orr @andrewornot . The Santa Clara County Fire Department has identified three instances of throttling.

I work for a different MSO and the day after they did that we had a bunch of new policies in place to prevent any similar fuckups. Aug 26, 2018 #41 Z. ZiggyDeath Limp Gawd. 4 months ago. Verizon Throttles Firefighters during California’s Largest Blaze. TL;DR version is they couldn’t coordinate on their plan because Verizon throttled them to 1/200th of the speed, customer service refused to do anything to un-throttle them and forced them to get a new service plan at twice the price while they’re fighting a fire. There’s a list of how this throttling affected their fire response I won’t go into, really, check out the ARS Technica article.

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