For Warframe on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Is it worth buying the Vaulted Prime Frames? The new end date for this Vault is September 3rd instead of September 17th, with a new Vault … Prime vault packs are only worth it if you want the unique cosmetic items that come with it.

Other than the Dual Pack, you can also purchase individual Trinity and Nova Prime packs or even just the accessories for each Warframe.

Any relics, blueprints, and components that the player already owns will not be removed from their inventory if they are to be vaulted. Prime Vaults are overpriced for what they offer. 2 prime frames, cool armor, accessories, and $49 worth of plat for $59… KFC | Hander. I like to support the hard working team at DE, they deserve my money. Hi! Now’s your chance to earn these Warframes and their Weapons or get instant access! Warframe > General Discussion > Topic Details. Tenno! The rest of the stuff (like Frost Prime) can be acquired in-game for free... so unless it's within your budget, I would instead go … For an additional $10, the Prime Vault pack gives you 200 more Platinum, a wealth of cosmetics, three Prime Weapons, and two Prime Warframes. Xazur.

The masters of stealth and tactics are back! The weapons that are included are worth?

Im thinking about buying the prime but, is worth the full pack or if you dont want cosmetics is better to buy on .market?

Returning from the vault, Ash Prime and Vauban Prime are perfect additions to any Tenno Arsenal. For poor people. Jul 18, 2018 @ 12:01am Prime Vault worth? Currently, you can farm them for a month, but you are probably not at that point yet. Prime Vault Access to Warframes\Weapons that will be in scarce availability.

". "An item enters the Prime Vault" means that players are no longer able to acquire Void Relics that can potentially reward those items. The Prime Vault, an archive outside of Tenno reach, houses items that have been retired from the game's reward tables. We’ll be making the following changes based on feedback to future Prime Vaults: We are ending the current Nyx & Rhino Prime Vault earlier than normal to make way for a brand new one.

The Misa Prime syandana probably won't be released again in a very long time and it used to be worth $140 because it initially came with the highest tier of the Ember Prime Access pack. ( I dont own anything that comes in the pack) < > Showing 1-3 of 3 comments .