Why do they cost so much? Gorgeous DIY details and decor by the bride and groom. What do things cost? Wedding Planner: $400 for Day-of Coordination from a family friend Cake: $250 Officiant: $250 Gifts & Favors: $300 Misc/Incidentals: $500 Sample Wedding Budget: $20,000 State park by a lake for 150 guests Venue: $100 $300 (Yes, it can be done.) A Most Excellent Sample Wedding Budget ($20k Edition [November 11, 2019] $5000 Wedding, Making Budget, Wedding Expenses, Wedding Budget List, Wedding Savings, Backyard Wedding, Free Printable Wedding Budget, Wedding Planning Book, Low Budget Wedding, Country Wedding On a Budget, Wedding Planning, Beautiful Wedding, Perfect Wedding, Wedding Budget Sheet, Wedding Budget … Think again. From Las Vegas elopements, to backyard weddings, to pop up weddings, to desert wedding rituals… we’ve found examples of every kind of creative budget wedding … (Yes, it can be done.) Early on in your wedding planning, it's essential to pick the few things which neither of you want to compromise on so that you can identify other areas where you're willing to save money. That’s why we put together a budget to help you plan a wedding for 100 people without going over $25,000. Creating your wedding budget can be overwhelming. There’s so many incredible options for budget weddings, and a $10K (or under) wedding is not only totally possible, it’s also 100% awesome. RELATED: The First 5 Things Every New Bride-to-Be Should Do Wedding Budget $20,000 Many amazing weddings have been arranged for under $20,000, the trick is to prioritise and compromise. Click here to learn more. This post may contain affiliate links. Think a wedding under $10,000 isn’t possible? £25,000 is almost the average cost of a UK wedding and we have the ultimate budget guide to show you just how far that money can actually go With a £1,750 budget, you can afford to get yourself a really gorgeous elegant wedding dress.. Floral DIY Church Wedding for $20k with cermony in PA and reception in MD. How can you create the wedding you want with the dollars you have? Sample destination wedding budget under $20,000 (20k) for 30 guests Item Budget House rental for the week $7000 Airfare and transportation $1500 Photographer $2000 Wedding attire $1500 Food, grocery and miscellaneous We have detailed tips on how to start creating your wedding budget, plus 11 real wedding budget breakdowns from $2K to $30K, to inspire an amazing wedding. Wedding planner: “If a wedding planner is important to you, I would plan on paying 10% of your budget.” So overall, here’s how a $50,000 wedding budget would breakdown: Photographer: $5,000 Videographer: $3,000 Flowers: $

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