It may be funny. Those decisions are already made, leaving you free to … The amount of water held depends on your activities and the things you eat and drink. Participating in strenuous activities encourages water loss through sweat, resulting in weight loss. The person may say "Good night" and look at their watch and laugh and say "or good morning!" Here are the 10 worst foods to eat in the morning. If you stay up ALL NIGHT LONG with friends and you find that it is 2 AM (or still dark) you can still say "Good Night". 3 /15 Coffee If you want to eat sugar-heavy fruits in the morning, make sure to combine them with protein sources like nuts, to slow down the digestion process. I usually eat most of my calories around noon to 3... seems to work for me and I never feel that hungry at night or in the morning. It's what and how much people eat at night that ends up being the problem. Plus, you’ve already planned your day (in the morning). The water in your body fluctuates from morning to night. It is also a good idea to stop drinking caffeine after 4 in the afternoon and remove anything from your bedroom that may be disturbing you. The idea is that by eating so much late at night, you're not hungry enough to eat in the morning. Starting the day off right with a healthful breakfast is essential for curbing hunger and boosting metabolism. You don’t need all the willpower you used in the morning to work on systems that are already in place. Breakfast can be both good and bad, depending on what you choose to eat.

Have a screen-free hour before bed Falling asleep is the process of your body and mind winding down after a stressful day. The afternoon is the best time to “manage” your tasks, rather than focus on the bigger picture. The cycle of eating only at night for weight loss continues because you end up incredibly hungry again the following night due to not eating enough during the day. Consuming high-sodium foods and drinks, as well as excessive carbohydrate intake, results in increased water retention and weight gain.

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