This monument honours one of Australia’s most prolific authors who excelled at both short story and verse.

Henry Lawson was born on June 17, 1867 in Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia. His father was Niels Herzberg Larsen, a Norwegian-born miner who went to sea at …
Henry Merrick Lawson was born on 1859-01-30. Henry Lawson, in full Henry Archibald Lawson, (born June 17, 1867, near Grenfell, New South Wales, Australia—died September 2, 1922, Abbotsford, New South Wales), Australian writer of short stories and balladlike verse noted for his realistic portrayals of bush life. Grenfell was the first town to honour Henry Lawson after his passing in 1922.

Henry Hertzberg Lawson was born on 17 June, 1867 on the goldfields at Grenfell, New South Wales. He was married to Bertha Marie Louise Bredt.

He was a writer, known for While the Billy Boils (1921), Three in One (1957) and Joe (1924).

Henry Archibald Hertzberg Lawson was born to Niels Hertzberg Larsen and his wife, Louisa, in the town of Grenfell, New South Wales, on June 17, 1867. He changed his name to Peter Lawson and became a gold miner. Henry Lawson (1867-1922), short story writer and balladist, was born on 17 June 1867 at Grenfell, New South Wales, eldest of four surviving children of Niels Hertzberg (Peter) Larsen, Norwegian-born miner, and his wife Louisa, née Albury.Larsen went to sea at 21 and, after many voyages, arrived in Melbourne in 1855 where he jumped ship and joined the gold rush.

He died on September 2, 1922 in Abbotsford, New South Wales.

His wife was a homemaker who later became a feminist writer and publisher. The Grenfell Municipal Council erected the white obelisk in 1924 on Portion 376, Parish of Brundah, the site where Henry Lawson’s parents mined in 1866 and where Henry Lawson was born on June 17 th 1867. Henry Lawson - Great Australian Writer & Poet. Henry Lawson was born in a town on the Grenfell goldfields of New South Wales. Niels, who later changed his name to Peter Lawson to sound more English, was a miner from Norway.

His father was originally a Norwegian sailor whose name was Neils Larsen. Henry Lawson was born on June 17, 1867.

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