0 Forma | 194 Platinum | 60910 Endo - A fun 0 forma build Wukong can destroy enemies with good cc capabilities, incredibly high dps and over the top damage control. Wukong Prime was officially revealed and released during TennoCon 2019. Wukong Prime: Update 25.3.0 WUKONG PRIME Become the ultimate trickster-warrior with Wukong Prime, Zhuge Prime and Ninkondi Prime by earning in-game through Relics!

In this guide, we will find out what the relics are and what is the best place to farm them.. Wukong Prime Update just dropped in the game and the relics for Wukong Prime, Zhuge Prime, and Nikondi Prime are available to be farmed.

Wukong Prime 0 Forma by Etherious, last updated on Aug 9, 2019. Wukong's Prime Access contains various references to the Chinese novel Journey to the West, from where Wukong is best known. Check out the official public drop tables here.

Build requirements.

Wukong Prime's tail is slimmer and longer than that of his non-Primed counterpart.

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D&D Beyond

3 forma … 4 forma for Wukong. Blueprint – Lith W1 (Rare) Chassis – Neo S12 (Uncommon) The Wukong Prime warframe went through a massive overhaul some time back, the whole rework brought many changes that the wukong mains would like. The following Relics contain the various components you need to build Wukong Prime and the rarity of the component.

↑ Wukong's profile page at LeagueOfLegends.com.

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