It is seen as the objectification of a hostile and destructive force. The left is the advocate of the opposite principles; it is the enemy of diversity and the fanatical promoter of identity. The ancient Celts, for instance, associated the left with femininity — the source of all life — and thus worshipped the left side, treating it as sacred. A shoulder angel is a plot device used for dramatic and/or humorous effect in fiction, mainly in animation and comic books/strips.The angel represents conscience and is often accompanied by a shoulder devil representing temptation.They are a useful convention for depicting the inner conflict of a character. It is difficult to specify a particular definition of any complexity that will cover all of the traditions, beyond that it … For thousands of years, the Devil has been associated with the left hand in various ways and is normally portrayed as being left-handed in pictures and other images. New American Standard 1977 And when the devil had finished every temptation, he departed from Him until an opportune time. A devil is the personification of evil as it is conceived in many and various cultures and religious traditions. Uniformity is stressed in all leftist utopias, paradises in which everybody is the same, envy is dead, and the enemy is either dead, lives outside the gates, or is utterly humiliated. After the devil had finished tempting Jesus in every possible way, the devil left him until another time. Left-handedness was not always exclusively associated with wrongdoing; its characterization as “good” or “bad” shifted to correspond with dominant social mores.

Devil on the Left