Read next: Best Colored Pencils. Comparison of Colored Pencils and Paper When Blending with Gamsol September 12, 2014 Earlier this week I shared an overview of Gamsol, an odorless mineral spirits used for dissolving the wax in colored pencils so that you could blend and shade them the same way you can with oil paints. Colored pencils are somewhat translucent so while you will be able to have white and other colors show up on darker paper, it will never be quite as light as letting extra white paper show through on those areas. An addict for CP pencils and all the various available add-ons (an art supply store's dream). A bit pricey, it contains just 20 sheets.
This is the best-colored pencil paper for eco-friendly colored pencil artists. Paper tooth – Variety of different “paper tooths” ( the surface feel of paper is called paper tooth) may be confusing, but it is important to understand what you will get with “paper tooth”. Prismacolor pencils have extremely soft cores to give the best color adhesion to paper and make perfect blends. So, make sure that you take good care of them as well.

A sheet weighs 80 lb, 130 gr, and the size is 9 by 12 inches, acid free. I was quite pleased to find a paper specifically made for Colored Pencils & WCP's. However, these sheets are of rare quality.

For sketching with colored pencils, the 130 gsm sketchbook paper you have will work just fine.In general, sketchbook papers are usually lighter weight than drawing papers, so they are ideal for practicing, sketching, trying out new techniques, planning out works of art, and creating quick studies. Color pencils with paper tube, 60 colors, with paper tube case. It is good quality, acid free, and has a nice structure and a warm white color which doesn’t make your eyes tired while coloring.
Best Paper for Colored Pencil Drawings This becomes an even wider choice.

I buy this paper online from Blick Art. This helps colored pencil grip evenly. Any paper that has a bit of “tooth” (an overall texture that isn’t overly smooth) will be good. I have applied CP's and watercolor CP's to many different papers, from hot press paper designed for watercolors to every 400 & 500 Strathmore paper available, etc.

These products allow you to layer quickly and blend the pencils creating a soft look similar pastels, but with less mess! You want to work on either gessoed paper or sanded paper (my preference). Sketchbook F1 size 20 sheets About 162×225mm. Middle paper: 10% or more recycled paper _ Cover, back cover.

Here … Have a proper housing packet or box for these pencils where the tips have no way of incurring any damage while moving. 2. When working with coloured pencils, the first consideration you need is a paper’s weight. Each one is manufactured with natural cotton fibers using a cylinder-mold machine. They pack their paper REALLY well so … body: paper Double ring: iron ribbon: cotton Number of sheets Body: 20 sheets. With every weight, you also pick what kind of surface you want, because if you use the wrong one your artwork will not look the way you plan it. Powder blender works best with oil-based colored pencils like Faber-Castell Polychromos. Create realistic landscapes or deep portraits with the toned background made to make shading smooth. Arteza Drawing Pad must be the best paper for colored pencils. This 9″ by 12″ product is undoubtedly an expensive choice, but it also is the best paper for colored pencils. Powder Blender is a totally new way to blend colored pencil! There are different paper weights for differing tasks and mediums. A colored pencil drawing on suede board. Feel free to create beautiful drawings with colored pencils with this environmentally friendly sketch pad.

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