The serratus posterior muscles in the lower back help your upper body and ribs twist and bend. The serratus anterior muscle runs from the front side of the scapula to the side of the rib cage.. Serratus anterior is an incredibly important muscle for shoulder health, as it is really the big player in making sure there is a "rotation" component to scapular upward rotation (watch this video first if you need more information on that). Although an unappreciated muscle, the serratus anterior plays a significant role in stabilizing the shoulder joint and shoulder blade. Keep in mind that these are just examples, as lifting any item over your head may cause strain or damage to the serratus anterior muscle. In my clinical practice thus far, I have seen several different ways of testing the serratus anterior, but it … Precision Movement by Eric Wong 24,996 views The serratus anterior is a muscle located on the lateral sides of the upper rib cage. The gel provides adequate warmth to the injured area without actually burning the area. The serratus anterior muscle spans the upper eight or nine ribs and helps you rotate your shoulder blade and move it forward and up. This area of the back is especially susceptible to painful pulls and strains because it bears the weight of the upper body and is heavily involved in the moving process. There are also more than a few risk factors involved with serratus anterior muscle pain. There are a number of risk factors for serratus anterior pain that are not linked to sports activities. • Patients cannot forward flex the shoulder past 90° and exhibit scapular winging when the serratus anterior is not functioning. As a result, it helps stabilize it. Myofascial pain is a process in which pain and dysfunction are related to the development and persistence of focal trigger points. It's called the serratus anterior and from what I can glean on the web (plenty of discussion on the Sandtrap) it's a fairly common, but painful, golf injury. Therefore, damage to this muscle can result in … Whenever you move your upper arm forward, like when throwing a punch for example, this muscle abducts (moves laterally away from the spine).. Serratus anterior pain isn’t fun. Warm Therapy Treatment for Serratus Anterior Pain: This is also an effective mode of treating serratus anterior pain. 1. If it’s weak, the body goes looking for another way to accomplish the movement, and the next muscle in line is the upper trapezius. It works magnificently in relieving serratus anterior muscle pain due to strain or injury. If trigger points are troubling the serratus anterior, you might experience pain at the side of the ribcage and at the lower and inner side of the shoulder blade.. The serratus anterior is a muscle that originates on the surface of the 1st to 8th ribs at the side of the chest and inserts along the entire anterior length of the medial border of the scapula.The serratus anterior acts to pull the scapula forward around the thorax. To all of those golfers who laid off for a while and are at it again or are just older, do yourself a favour and strengthen your core muscles AND this muscle in … The serratus anterior upwardly rotates the shoulder blade and protracts the shoulder blade (move it away from the midline of the body). Serratus Anterior Pain Risk Factors . Also, the serratus anterior assists in keeping the shoulder blade close to your rib cage and prevents it from winging out to the side. It is the upward rotation force that we are wanting to test, however. Serratus Anterior. The serratus anterior has many other protective features. The muscle is named from Latin: serrare = to saw, referring to the shape, anterior = on the front side of the body. It protects against neck pain by enabling your arms to move in a large range without compressing your neck. 3 Way Shoulder Mobilization - Improve Scapular Mobility and Rotator Cuff Strength - Duration: 7:45. Also, the inner hand and 4th and 5th finger might be painful – not shown in the pictures below-. The muscle is responsible for holding the scapula near the rib cage. Last but not least, the serratus anterior helps you hold good posture! The serratus anterior isn’t the only upward rotator of the shoulder blade, it’s just the best one. strain of the serratus posterior superior muscle. The serratus anterior muscle is capable of providing both a protraction and upward rotation force. Serratus anterior myofascial pain syndrome is part of a broader set of conditions known as myofascial pain syndromes. Origin: Superolateral surfaces of upper 8 or 9 ribs at the side of chest Insertion: Vertebral border of scapula Action: Draws scapula forward and upward; abducts scapula and rotates it; stabilizes vertebral border of scapula Innervation: Long thoracic nerve (C5, C6, C7) • Patients with serratus anterior weakness, patient is able to fully flex the shoulder but exhibit a degree of scapular winging. Pain Patterns & Symptoms 1.1 Pain patterns. Furthermore, pain can radiate down the whole inner side of the arm.

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