Mr. Mr. No Stories from Seasons 8-present allowed. Conductor's Adventures Movie Ideas is a fan fiction thing to do based on the famous Youtube Trend Pooh's Adventures featuring 4 Thomas Stories in the movies each told by George Carlin & Alec Baldwin altogether & the Shining Time Station crew. Mr. Conductor's Adventures movies Mr. Conductor Visits Pee-Wee's Playhouse. Conductor's Adventures in the Super Mario Bros. Super Show. Conductor & Scooby Doo Where Are You! Mr. Conductor's Adventures in Between the Lions is a series featuring George Carlin as Mr. Conductor& featuring 2 Thomas Stories per episode one as a segment& the other to be used as the main story for the episode. Only Thomas Stories from Seasons 1-7 may be used. Mr. Conductor's Adventures of Blue's Clues. Conductor. Mr. Conductor's Adventures in Chalkzone is a crossover series like any other featuring George Carlin as Mr. Mr.

Mr. Conductor Enters the Magic School Bus.

Each episode will have 2 or 3 stories. RULES: Only put in a fair number of guest stars.

Do not replace stories. Based on the Mr. Conductor and Disney's Adventures of …

The Devil%27s Horn