Much of its marketing efforts focus on sponsoring major sporting events such as FIFA Cup and NBA, however, adidas Group has also taken Nike’s lead and secured top athletes as brand endorsers. Adidas AG is beating Nike Inc. on Wall Street recently, with shares that have gained 21.87%, so far this year, compared to 16.92% for Nike. One man who knows about the Adidas/Nike rivalry more than most and has made a fortune collaborating with both is rapper Kanye West, named recently in … Apr 4, 2019 at 5:00PM. Adidas ( OTC:ADDY.Y) will collaborate with pop star Beyonce Knowles in an exclusive partnership, a move the athletic brand is betting will pay off with younger consumers. Adidas Endorsers – Athletes Endorsed by Adidas The adidas Group is the world’s second largest producer of sporting apparel. Adidas AG is beating Nike Inc. on Wall Street recently.

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